UBD students learn about aquaculture in Tutong

Thursday, November 5th 2015

TWENTY Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) students recently visited Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd as part of their ‘Conservation and Management of Living Resources’ module to understand commercial aquaculture and the production processes of seafood at the Tutong District.


Globally, aquaculture is increasingly becoming important to produce seafood for human consumption. UBD students are now learning about aquaculture not only in view of commercial benefits but also of potential environmental issues, according to a press release from UBD.


The field trip was led by Dr Yasuaki Tanaka and Dr Gianluca Polgar, academic staff from the Faculty of Science. Dr Tanaka explained that extensive aquaculture may involve the risk to pollute natural environments and may also deteriorate the quality of seafood products.


It is important for the students to learn eco-friendly methods and strategies of sustainable aquaculture, he said.


The students visited the Hoei Shrimp Farm of Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd in Tutong District and learned the practical methods and procedures to raise blue shrimps from post-larvae to adults. Concerned about the quality of shrimps bred at the farm, it was learned that the farmers do not use any antibiotics to produce organic shrimps.

The farmers also explained that the water quality is being monitored every day to keep suitable seawater conditions.


After visiting the shrimp farm, the students headed for the processing factory of Golden Corporation, where they observed the processes of seafood production from the glass-walled corridors. Jaybee D Zobel, the Human Resource and Administration Manager of the company, explained that the company emphasises on safety and cleanliness in the working environments and the factory is equipped with facilities that regularly test the quality of seafood products.


Dr Tanaka said, this was a great experience for the students to learn the operation of shrimp farms and processing factory. The visit fulfilled the academic requirements of the students, gaining an insight of Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd organisation as their case study, in terms of management, operation, processing, aquaculture and more.


As a take-away from the visit, students were assigned to produce a report on the visit and further develop their ideas to meet the increasing global demand of seafood in the future.


Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd is the leading company of aquaculture and seafood production in Brunei Darussalam. The company is paying careful attention to environmental problems and trying to establish a sustainable fishery industry for the future.

Source: http://borneobulletin.com.bn/ubd-students-learn-about-aquaculture-in-tutong/