Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd (GC) is a premium integrated seafood company from Taiwan that has established its operational headquarters in Brunei Darussalam in partnership with Semaun Marine Resources Sdn Bhd (SMR), a company established in 2002 with its business in hatchery for shrimp fry. With over B$ 50 million invested, GC is one of the pioneers to develop the seafood industry in Brunei Darussalam.

GC operates an integrated value chain for Blue Shrimps (Litopenaeus Stylirostris). This value chain comprises of a broodstock development centre (GBDC), hatchery for shrimp fry, over 250 hectares of grow-out farms and 3 processing centres which includes a multi-purpose seafood processing centre in Kampung Serambangun, Tutong. This Multi-Purpose Seafood Processing Centre is the first seafood processing plant in Brunei that is fully equipped with all modern technologies. The plant was completed and commenced full operation in June 2012.

Apart from Blue Shrimps, GC has also invested in fishing vessels capable of operating in deeper marine zone areas of Brunei. This allows GC to catch high grade Yellow Fin Tuna and Skipjacks, as well as other marine fishes that can be turned into value added products such as surimi.

We are now one of the largest private employers in Tutong and a major player in the seafood industry in Brunei Darussalam. We are fully committed to the development of Brunei’s seafood industry, supporting local farmers through supply of feed, shrimp fries, training and buy-back support.

Vision Statement

Become the largest and leading seafood company in Brunei Darussalam; to provide top quality seafood products; to expand and penetrate both local and overseas market; to carry and promote Brunei Darussalam’s name by exporting our products overseas; to ensure self sufficiency and food security in Brunei Darussalam.

Mission Statement

Support the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources (MIPR) and the government’s effort to diversify Brunei Darussalam’s economy; to increase Brunei Darussalam’s total revenue through our production; to the reduce reliance on fish import in Brunei Darussalam; to support and contribute towards the growth and development of the local fisheries industry, and; to create and increase employment opportunities in Brunei.


To reduce marine pollution and maintain the natural habitats and ecosystem of Brunei Darussalam; including building a sustainable and healthy marine and fisheries industry.

Business Goals and Objectives

The company is working towards becoming a fully integrated producer of seafood products; from the production of their own feed and supply of shrimp/fish fry to the processing of end products for the retail trade. This is achieved by operating the company’s own fishing fleets, fish/shrimp farms and also purchasing excess local catch including unmarketable fish. The company has its own vessels which have the ability to access zones where local Brunei vessels are unable to reach.

They further aim to increase the production of organic aquatic feed in order to increase organic shrimp production to cater to international market demands.

Growth Strategy

The growth strategy is by way of expanding the seafood production facilities to include end consumer retail products like fish cakes, fish balls and snacks. Focus would be on the current existing line and the expansion to new product lines. This would also include investing in acquiring more vessels and also more coastal and in-land farms.

The company offers advice, technical expertise and purchase guarantees to encourage more local landowners to farm fish/shrimp. Notwithstanding, seafood stock would also need to be sourced outside the region to support the company’s growth strategy.

Apart from organic growth, the company is not adverse to growth by strategic acquisition. Towards this end, there are on-going discussions with major international seafood players.

Golden Corporation

We operate a fully integrated value chain for culturing Blue Shrimps, maintaining generations that are Specific Pathogen Free (SPF). With our current processing capabilities, we are able to process both raw and cooked blue shrimps.

Aside from blue shrimps, we also acquire raw materials from our own fishing activities as well as from other local fishermen to develop marine products such as:

  • Tuna such as Yellowfin, Skipjack and Bonito
  • Surimi
  • Value-added Products such as fish balls, fish cake, shrimp spring rolls and shrimp dumplings among others.

We are also the first company in Brunei Darussalam to produce fish meal and shrimp feed that are processed from excess and unmarketable fishes, thereby ensuring minimal marine wastage and pollution.

  • Fishmeal
  • Shrimp Feed

Other products and services include:

  • Block ice
  • Fish processing for external party

As a majority of our products are intended for the export market, our processing plants and operations adhere to the best practices of international certifications and audits which include:

Golden Corporation Organisational Chart