Tanmiah Body visits seafood producer factory

Wednesday, September 25th 2013

Tanmiah Body of Islamic Religious Council visits seafood producer factory

Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd, a strategic alliance partner of Semaun Marine Resources Sdn Bhd, a leading quality seafood producer welcomed a group of personnel comprising of 15 officers and staff of Tanmiah Body of the Islamic Religious Council, Ministry of Religious Council, Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The group was welcomed on arrival and taken on a first hand tour by the company’s Managing Director Richard Chuang Hsi Shan and other staff of the company.

Prior to the tour the group was briefed on the function of Brunei Industrial Development Authority (BINA), presented by Hussin Haji Jumat Officer from the Promotion and Entrepreneurial Development Unit of department.

Dubbed The Multi-Purpose Marine Resources Processing and Business Centre, the facility is a result of collaboration between Semaun Marine Resources Sdn Bhd and foreign direct investor Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd.

The Multi-Purpose Marine Resources Processing and Business Centre commenced operations in June 2012 and pride itself as the only fully-integrated producer of seafood products in the Sultanate. It is also the first company to produce organic feed and breed organic blue shrimp.

Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd is operating at the BINA-controlled industrial estate at Sermabangun Industrial Estate in Tutong. Its principal business is in aquaculture and seafood processing. It includes the farming, harvesting and processing of fish and shrimp. The company also provides assistance and technical know-how to local shrimp and fish aqua-farmers.